Chris Everard Reports on the Destruction of Ancient Sites & the Fairy ‘Curse’ of Ireland

The Mayans predicted eclipses hundreds of years before they happened, the Olmecs sailed the world, the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt used cocaine and tobacco which came from the other side of the planet… And in ancient Greece, steam powered robots entertained people more than a thousand years before the steam locomotive was meant to have been invented.

…And long, long before the Mayans, Pharaohs and Olmecs, there was advanced understanding of astronomy and astrology – with literally millions of Megaliths being erected which marked the equinoxes and solstices all over our planet.

Now, as each year passes, the great lasting monuments of the ancient world are being deliberately destroyed.

The most recent destructive episode resulted in a Mayan temple being demolished…  Local newspapers reported;

‘Major Mayan Monument Bulldozed For Road Aggregate’.

‘The main temple, the ceremonial center for Noh Mul, at about 20 metres among the tallest buildings in Northern Belize – and it’s not centuries old, it’s millennia, thousands of years old and the thought that it’s rich limestone bricks cut with stone tools in the BC era. This once towering ceremonial center in San Jose/San Pablo has been whittled down to a narrow core by excavators and bulldozers.

Director of the Institute of Archeology Dr. Jaime Awe told us today that what has happened is “intolerable.” He says they will lay charges against the company D-Mar’s and the landowner because the machinery was on site and the land owner should have not given permission for the mining to have proceeded. We’ll keep following that part of the story.

To give a broader sense of context – the site known as Noh Mul or “Big Hill” is scattered over a wide area about 12 square miles – and is estimated to have been home to 40,000 people between 500 and 250 BC. There are about 81 separate buildings – all on private property. But the one that has been destroyed is the namesake, the Big Hill – as it was the ceremonial center and main structure’.

(Link to Full Article)


Many of the newspaper reports and blogs about this incident failed to publish a photo showing just how magnificent this temple actually was.  The first reports were published around May 2013 – but still, more than a year after this disgusting destruction of a great monument of the Maya, mainstream newsfeeds and News TV networks have failed to put this event at the top of their news reporting schedules.

Perhaps the most devastating and awful deliberate destruction of a prehistoric site took place in IRELAND:

The destruction of the Tara Valley, Ireland:

The Gabhra (Tara-Skreen) Valley is currently suffering the construction of the M3 motorway, which passes straight through the heart of one of Irelands most sacred prehistoric landscapes – destroying over 100 prehistoric sites in the process.

It is only recently that archaeologists are beginning to view individual sites in terms of their place in the overall prehistoric landscape.

“The monuments around Tara cannot be viewed in isolation, or as individual sites, but must be seen in the context of an intact archaeological landscape, which should not under any circumstances be disturbed, in terms of visual or direct impact on the monuments themselves”

Ref: (N3 Navan to Dunshaughlin Route Selection, August 2000, paragraph 7.3)

Scheduled to open in 2010, the M3’s loudest critics concede much of the damage is already done – 38 archaeological sites unearthed during construction thus far have been carved from the landscape. Among the now vanished finds, a newly discovered national monument at Lismullin that one leading archaeologist described as “the wooden equivalent of Stonehenge.”

“All these sites, including the monument at Lismullin, were part and parcel of the greater whole that is the Hill of Tara complex and now they are gone, demolished. The damage is complete and irreversible,” said Vincent Salafia of Tara Watch. “Some would say, `Give up the fight. The deed is done.’ But we’re not giving up because what we are most against is the building of the motorway through the valley that is at the heart of the Tara complex. It’s a long ways from completion and there is still time to come to our senses.

 E.U. SUPERSTATE Ignore the Destruction:

Opponents of the M3 have called on the European Parliament and the European Commission to intervene by asking the Irish government to review its plans and conduct an independent investigation into the highway’s impact on the Tara landscape. Campaigners first approached the commission for help in June 2005. The commission subsequently determined that the road construction violated EU law governing environmental impact assessments; however, it has yet to actually submit a case before the European Court of Justice, and that delay has allowed the Irish government and the Roads Authority to continue construction. On April 2, 2008, campaigners came before the EU Parliament’s petitions committee to resolve the problem. An EU Commission spokesman said the commission would be submitting an application to the court in the coming months; however, he said the commission did not have the authority to halt construction in the interim, as road opponents had hoped.


Since the destruction of the ancient sites of Tara, Ireland has suffered a major economic meltdown, property prices slumped, and many calamities and freak accidents befell on those responsible for turning a blind eye to the destruction.  Blogs began appearing from people who believed in Fairies – and they said that the freak accidents and deaths which happened in the wake of the destruction were the result of a ‘curse’ created by the Fairy-folk.

The Hill of Tara: Activists claim an ancient curse lays over Ireland for the destruction of the fairy forts.

Anti-motorway activist Carmel Divine said a “modern day Curse of Tara” has been unleashed on Ireland by the “destruction and desecration of the M3 Motorway.”  She said that Seannachaí warned the Irish Government not to destroy  the Fairy Forts in Ireland’s historic Tara Skryne Valley.  Carmel said the Seannachaí warned the Irish Government that they would be cursed. At the time, a spokesman for the National Roads Authority, mocked the Seannachaí and said they weren’t concerned.

Carmel lists the following incidents as evidence of the Fairy Fort curse;

• In June 2007 Minister for the Environment Dick Roche signed an order destroying the Lismullin Henge. Lismullin Henge was a 4,000 year old astronomical observatory and place of worship and hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds of the century.

• Roche was since held up by an armed gang in the Druids Glen Hotel and also lost his job and was then demoted.

• Martin Cullen the then Minister for Transport nearly got sucked out of a helicopter when the door fell off on one of his extravagantly expensive trips.

• The chief Health and Safety Officer was seriously injured by a falling tree when felling began at Rath Lugh in 2007.

• A worker was killed when he became trapped at Fairyhouse where there have been many accidents on this stretch of road.

So, what evidence is there that we have lost archaeological treasures?  Well, a human tooth was discovered in a digger which was used to destroy the famous ancient feasting grounds and gathering place of ancient Harpers at Baronstown.

Shortly afterwards the ‘curse of Tara’ caused stairs in the National Museum to collapse!

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Stone Age Psychedelia is a 308 page book written by British author CHRIS EVERARD - which is delivered with a free one hour DVD presented by CHRIS EVERARD
Stone Age Psychedelia is a 308 page book written by British author CHRIS EVERARD – which is delivered with a free one hour DVD presented by CHRIS EVERARD

The Ceremonial centre of Nohmuh – Before and After Photos.


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