The trolls under new EXTREMISM laws will be banned - however, the definition of 'Extremism' for David Cameron's new bill has not yet been properly debated or published.
The trolls under new EXTREMISM laws will be banned – however, the definition of ‘Extremism’ for David Cameron’s new bill has not yet been properly debated or published.

EXTREMISM is being outlawed in Britain – so I thought I’d look up the definition of ‘Extremism’ – if you Google it, there are some definitions which include ‘Activism’ – if that indeed is absorbed into David Cameron’s legislation, then it potentially can damage all types of online campaigns – such as Save the Whales, Greenpeace’s attempts at publicising how Nuclear Waste outflow pipes are allegedly contaminating the English Channel off the coast of Alderney, and many good-hearted and well meaning campaigns…

On the up side to the new Extremism laws, the agreed definition of Extremism may provide respite for victims of online TROLLS.

SICK TROLLS who intimidate and interfere with researchers, journalists and authors, and who abuse the freedom of information on the internet may indeed come under David Cameron’s ‘extremist’ definition…

Many independent journalists and campaigners have been hampered and even stopped from investigating corruption by TROLLS operating primarily on YouTube… Laird Wilcox identifies 21 alleged traits of a “political extremist”, ranging from behaviour like “a tendency to character assassination”, over hateful behaviour like “name calling and labelling”, to general character traits like “a tendency to view opponents and critics as essentially evil”, “a tendency to substitute intimidation for argument” or “groupthink”.

Among the explanations for extremism is one that views it as a plague! Commentator Arno Gruen said, “The lack of identity associated with extremists is the result of self-destructive self-hatred that leads to feelings of revenge toward life itself, and a compulsion to kill one’s own humanness.”

Thus extremism is seen as not a tactic, nor an ideology, but as a pathological illness which feeds on the destruction of life. If the definition in David Cameron’s bill is adequately wide and allows the legislation to be cited in civil cases, I for one shall look forward to having these TROLLS BANNED based on their disgusting ‘extremist’ behaviour!

David Cameron’s ban on extremism might also allow us the opportunity to outlaw factions in local government who waste hundreds of millions of pounds on sick ‘public art’, or leverage police action upon ‘extreme’ propaganda.   Mr Cameron’s new law is, of course, flying in the face of ‘Free Speech’ and many newspaper articles are tentatively arguing that ‘extremism’ will be a definition which will only play into the hands of government ministers and members of royalty who want critical editorials to be censored. I cannot wait to see what the official definition of ‘extremism’ is, and if Judges are prepared to see the hate-speech of trolls as a crime.

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  1. Wow, downturned bitter mouth, she looks very spiteful and full of nastiness. I saw messages between her and that Christie Aphrodite (or whatever she is called) who has recently I believe had some legal issues for doing similar type of stalking to this Deb C. Luckily just about everyone in the movement expects this kind of troll for those who get to a certain level of truth exposure. Love to you Chris and keep on doing!

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