The Greatest Conspiracy Known to Mankind

This week on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL we begin broadcasting probably the most controversial TV Mini Series in the history of broadcasting:

They were first known as the Zevites. Then they became the Zevite-Frankists. Many call them the Frankist-Sabbateans. Their metaphysics teach that the god of the bible is actually an evil devil, and that the serpent of the Garden of Eden is a good god who will save mankind. They have infiltrated freemasonry, the Vatican, Islam, Judaism and all forms and departments of government. The Zevite-Frankists are the kings of chaos. They create chaotic situations and dichotomies wherever their members exist. They are also the kings of concealment, for their creed exists to this day, and has gone under the RADAR of even the most diligent researcher into the occult – they secretly kill and sacrifice. Their ‘lord’ is the great evil godhead, the prince of darkness, lucifer, leviathan, the evil snake Apep – they dedicate themselves to all things which contradict decency, tempered ‘middle way’ views, and hate reason of the common man.

The serpent is considered the liberator to the Zevite-Frankists. Satan is the deliverer of freedom – freedom to be evil. Freedom to act as one will’s desires – even to sacrifice children and be hedonistic to the extreme. A watered down version of this evil agenda can be seen in the Wiccan Reede and the ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ mantra of the Ordo Templi Orientis. By the late 17th century, this undercover evil agenda had infected half of jewry in Europe. It had also infected freemasonry and the catholic church. government departments. In Turkey, they constitute the upper echelons of power. Yes, they are also biased towards Israel and the founding of Zion, and many are from the Hebrew community – but simultaneously, vast numbers of these evil doers pose in public as pious catholics, bishops and modest muslims. Subscribe here to start viewing our new TV series

Sabbatai Zevi, Bavarian Illuminati
The biggest conspiracy to hit mankind


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