David Cameron's family earned the equivalent of £3m from slavery
David Cameron’s family earned the equivalent of £3m from slavery

Apart from earning bonuses and salaries at HSBC and in the City of London, David Cameron’s real family wealth – which was equivalent to £3m today was earned from SLAVERY in the 1800s. This remarkable fact has been ascertained after months of research which reveal that several British government ministers, and a couple of Prime Ministers were handed the equivalent of millions of pounds when the abolishment of slavey was announced…

Yes, the man who has vowed to abolish HUMAN RIGHTS in Britain, and has appointed his old Oxford Uni chum, Michael Gove, to destroy the UK Human Rights Act, has been revealed to come from a family who exploited men, women, children and elderly citizens of Jamaica.  Mr David Cameron’s family have SLAVE OWNERS in their heritage – and this is confirmed by academics at a British university who have reviewed the documents pertaining to compensation payments made to the already wealthy salve owners in the 1800s.

Cameron was a member of the Bullingdon Boys club at Oxford which burned a £50 note under the nose of a homeless person as an ‘initiation’ to this boisterous cult of the rich which has now allegedly performed a vote rigging coup on the people of Britain…  The mathematical odds of FIVE members of the Bullingdon Boys all having top jobs in the same government at the same time is 240,000,000 to one!

When slavery was abolished, the British Crown gave the go-ahead to pay-off the slave owners – it was compensation paid to people who had uprooted thousands of families, caused children to dehydrate, and forcibly transported Caribbean and African people half way round the globe.  Many deaths were no doubt caused by Cameron’s family and their ilk – and they walked off with the equivalent of millions of pounds, whilst the slave-victims got NOTHING.

The compensation records show that General Sir James Duff, an army officer and Member of Parliament for Banffshire in Scotland during the late 1700s, was Mr Cameron’s first cousin and he was the son of one of Mr Cameron’s great-grand-uncle’s, the second Earl of Fife.  He was awarded the amazing sum of £4,101, equal to more than £3m today, to compensate him for the 202 slaves he forfeited on the Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is producing in-depth documentaries which investigate subjects that would not normally be broadcast on old fashioned cable and satellite.  We reveal the fantastic wealth and inhumanity – especially considering David Cameron is spearheading the abolishment of HUMAN RIGHTS in Britain.

Our new TV series reveals that many of the biggest slave owners operated from Rhode Island – and this was the location of the first SYNAGOGUE established in the New World – it’s no wonder, when you consider that the Hebrew-Yiddish community of Britain and Germany were in the vanguard of slave dealing – in fact, two scholarly books have been published detailing the Jewish slave owners who made millions from the debasement, rape, torture and enforced labour of tens of thousands of innocent people.

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Mr Hogg refused to comment yesterday, saying he “didn’t know anything about it”. Mr Cameron declined to comment after a request was made to the No 10 press office.



  1. Luke 12:20, “But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?”


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