British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates a tsunami of refugees arriving on our tourist beaches. Some have swum the English Channel – which would normally entitle them to a bottle of bubbly, a telegram of congratulations from the Queen and a prize!  However, the dark side of this immigration explosion is NEVER PROPERLY EXPLAINED on the BBC.  So it’s down to independent journalists like him to spell it out:  Basically there is a WAR ON EUROPE and a WAR on YOU…

British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates why Refugees are appearing on summer beaches all over the Mediterranean - and discovers that David Cameron is issuing 12,000 entry visas PER WEEK to migrants!
British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates why Refugees are appearing on summer beaches all over the Mediterranean – and discovers that David Cameron is issuing 12,000 entry visas PER WEEK to migrants!

They mostly come from the countries bordering the Mediterranean in the south and the Islamic countries East and South of Turkey which have all been BOMBED BY THE BRITISH FORCES, bombed by the USA and bombed by France.  The BBC call them MIGRANTS – but in reality most of them are WAR REFUGEESthe product of years of constant bombing by the British government, and to a lesser degree by the US Pentagon Forces and France…

The US has bombed more than 50 countries since the end of the second world war, and Britain has been secretly embedding RAF pilots in bombing raids on Syria during the last two months – so there is no shortage of ‘Failed States’ from which refugees are escaping…  There are right now at least ONE MILLION people fleeing Syria, another 100,000 fleeing Yemen, 100,000+ fleeing the NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPED on the beaches of SOMALIA, 100,000 Refugees in Libya whose homes and business were destroyed during the ‘Liberation’ of that country by Britain and France…  And yes, there are still more refugees to come…

Since the False Flag Beach Massacre of Tunisia, this country too will become a FAILED STATE surviving on less than 10% of its normal foreign tourist income.  Tunisia, just like Egypt [who suffered at the hands of the CIA-funded crazy MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD], will see tourist dollars thin on the ground.  It can be no surprise that Tunisian and Egyptian families are also fleeing their countries now – mainly due to the economic depression caused by the ‘terrorism’ and ‘Arab Spring’ which was Hijacked by MOSSAD and the CIA…

Who is next on the list?  In July 2015, bombs supposedly exploded in the capital city of TURKEY – right in the middle of the tourist season.  These unprecedented bomb explosions will banish all hopes of Turks earning tourist dollars from Thomas Cook and other tour operators – even if the perpetrators of the bombs are found, the tourists will take years to regain confidence and return back to Turkey…

This phenomenon – of starving the Islamic states of tourist earnings first started in Lebanon during the 1980s.  Lebanon has some of the most important megalithic monuments in the world – for decades now, Lebanese archaeological wonders and the incredibly delicious Lebanese cuisine have been left unexplored by tourists…  Even though life in Lebanon is by and large pretty quiet, with just the odd cross-border rocket coming in from Israel, the Reputation Damage in Lebanon has caused nearly all its tourist industry to shut down.

Perhaps the biggest loss of foreign income for Islamic tourist states is in Egypt – where on a good day a whopping $4 billion flowed through the hands of Egyptian hotels, taxi drivers, camel herders and the Tourist Police at the hundreds of magnificent historical monuments…  But today, those monuments are mostly peaceful – and empty…  Egypt has Africa’s biggest city – CAIRO with 25m inhabitants – and much of that city infrastructure was constructed from tourist dollar earnings.  Now that less than 15% of the Egyptian tourist industry is working, we can see that formerly happy and wealthy Egyptians are considering a migration to Europe.

And that’s just the way European governments want it – they want the Islamic world to be starved of tourist income – and they want European streets to be packed and filled with Muslim Migrants…

THE RING OF STEEL - military bombings since the 1980 have systematically destroyed the TOURIST INCOME of nearly every Islamic nation bordering the Mediterranean
THE RING OF STEEL – military bombings & terrorism, since the 1980s, have systematically destroyed the TOURIST INCOME of nearly every Islamic nation bordering the Mediterranean.  Not seen on this map is the displacement of many Syrians – right now, there is a refugee crisis in Iran and Yemen.  In nearly every case, the ‘dream come true’ for these refugees to to find a home in a European state.

A VIRTUAL RING OF STEEL has been created which borders the Mediterranean – this has been created by TERRORISM & BOMBINGS by the military forces which are funded with money stolen from the wage packets of Working Class European families.  The result is that the Islamic tourist states will all economically FAIL and this will create a vast tidela wave of ECONOMIC MIGRANTS who will jin the already vast numbers of WAR REFUGEES – and they are being welcomed by DAVID CAMERON – around 12,000 PER WEEK are being given British passports and homes – no matter what DAVID CAMERON claims about these migrants – there is a sure-footed PLAN OF ACTION being perpetrated by the Bitish government, the French government and all the governments of Scandinavia which will deliberately give homes and money to all these millions of migrants…

In France, it has been going on since the 1950s – the southern French city of MARSEILLES is now the ‘Islamic Capital’ of Western Europe – hardly a French person to be seen anywhere…  And it is now likely to stay that way – on average, French-Muslim families have DOUBLE the number of children as the indigenous French.  Islam is set to be on par with Christianity and TAKE OVER as Europe’s leading and most populous religion within the next 125 years…

The number of ECONOMIC MIGRANTS from Islamic States will far and away exceed those numbers coming from Eastern European states such as Poland and Serbia and Croatia.  Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine have all had their TOURISM INDUSTRIES WRECKED SINCE THE 1970s.  The incessant bombing by Britain, the USA, NATO and unilateral bombing by the Sarkozy and Hollande French governments means that the billions of Tourist Dollars which the Mediterranean attracts NEVER FLOW INTO THE POCKETS of Muslims.

FRENCH TROOPS RAPING CHILDREN in the Central African Republic is the latest atrocity which has triggered a Refugee Panic
FRENCH TROOPS RAPING CHILDREN in the Central African Republic is the latest atrocity which has triggered a Refugee Panic

Currently, only Morocco and Algeria are left untainted by the current ‘War on Tourists’.  Morocco is, of course, a major drugs supplier and around 88% of all smokeable drugs in Europe originate from the Maghreib, and the Spanish economy is desperately supported by the hashish trade.  Algeria has seen terrorism in the past and has a vastly under-developed tourism infrastructure – however, it will not be long now before we see another False Flag Tunisian beach massacre – just so that the Muslim-Mediterranean ‘Ring of Steel’ is intact!


Who ordered the bombing?  Mostly, the bombings are the result of snatch and grabs on OIL.  These bombing raids are financed by the tax payer, but incited and encouraged by Merchant Banks and Oil Companies which are owned [or partly owned] by Buckingham Palace.  The first targets in the Libyan coup were the grand-daughters of Col. Gadhaffi.  Libyan people had their pensions stolen by Parisien banks when Sarkozy drew Gadhaffi into a false lair of trust and encouraged him to bank $67m of pensions in Paris.  That money has been frozen and its whereabouts are unknown.  Rumours were that a large bet – of around the same value – was placed at London betting shops when Sarkozy was last running as President of France.  Did he bet on himself?  Well if he did, then the money was lost!


Nearly every Merchant Bank in the City of London is a Hebrew-owned family business – and HSBC is no exception – this is the bank whose executive lineage includes DAVID CAMERON – he has inherited millions from banking, has married into the Astor family, has a Lord as a father-in-law, attended Eton at £5,000+ per term, is a member of the Bullingdon Boys and burned a £50 under the nose of a tramp to prove his rightful membership to the Oxford fraternity.  I suppose this is why DAVID CAMERON understands the Working Man so well…

But I suppose what sets Cameron apart from the normal everyday British person is that his family are Hebrew.  They are pro-Israel.  And anyone who is pro-Israel usually doesn’t like Muslims.  In fact, they are likely to HATE Muslims.  And in Old Etonian-Hebrew traditionn, this is fused with a hatred of the Working Class British people too.


So what does the ruling Hebrew-Political-Banking elite families do about the refugee problem?  How do they use the ghastly spectre of refugees getting washed-up on beaches spoiling Knees Up Mother Brown Holiday-Makers on the Costa-del-Beer?

What they do is ROUND THEM UP and use these refugees as pawns in a de-nationalisation program called MULTICULTURALISM.

More than 12,000 Refugees PER WEEK are rounded up and are being shipped wholesale into Britain.  They are given benefits and told to get a job.  Most are given Entry Visas and many get a British Passport within 18 months of arriving. They are given council flats and ‘jump the queue’.  They are given clothes and looked after better, and in fact given more money each week than the average British pensioner – for a few months.  Perhaps the ‘good life’ in their new concrete box tower block out in the northern hinterlands of Britain may seem like a glamourous ‘honeymoon’ to a person who floated here in a fishing boat from Somaia.

However, like all Honeymoons it soon blows over…

After a year or two, those benefits begin to dry up.  Pregnancy, illness caused by being in a totally alien and incompatible climate soon takes its toll on the refugees.  Even though the Human Rights charter gives them the right to have shelter and water and to return back to their homeland – the whole ‘dream’ of living in Europe soon tarnishes.

Petty vandalism and petty theft amongst the young refugees becomes a way of life on Working Class council estates across Europe.  In France, the ingrained racist tendencies within the ‘chaumage’ system means that out in agro-rural villages, the refugees do not even walk the streets at night.  DRUGS are the mainstay trade on street corners across France, Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands and Britain – street-selling hashish and pot is basically what the Islamic refugee teenagers do – and they can make a lot of money – or get into a lot of trouble – either way, it is a lifeline.

But even if they earn enough to afford a bashed-up Golf GTI and driving lessons – one constant remains:  THEY ARE STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND, often shivering and unable to assimilate to the language demands of Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and northern Anglo-Saxon dialects.  It is cold, strange, eerie, tough and weird to be thrust from a Somalian beach-village eating barbecued fish to a concrete teenage wasteland of burned-out dumped cars and – for a Muslim – to see so many women in mini-skirts, ‘dressed naked’ – especially in the beach resorts of Europe in the summer.

But what I have described here IS THE WAY THE POLITICIANS WANT IT.  Yes.  They want it this way.  They want the Islamic teenage drug pushers to trigger as much hatred as possible, they want the high benefits and high birth-rates of the Muslim community to stir up vengeance in the hearts of the Working Classes.  Why?

Because there is a MASTER PLAN at work here in Europe and the USA.  It is called CULTURAL MARXISM – and this means that by watering down and diluting Swedish, Norwegian, French, Belgian, German, Dutch, Greek and British national pride, by encouraging teenage pregnancies between inter-racial refugee drug pushers and ‘white trash’ in the concrete tower block ghettoes of Europe, a whole new CIVIL WAR will erupt.   RACE RIOTS have already spread every summer throughout France and Britain.

The largely Jewish political elite in the cabinet offices of Europe want the refugees at war with the working classes – and through this, the loss of national identity, and the militarisation of the police forces will play into the hands of the Elite.

Through endless TURF WARS and racial battles which are unfolding on our streets, so the Working Classes will have less time to focus on the TRUE IDENTITY of the Government Ministers who have created this Master Plan of ‘Multiculturalism’.


Because the indigenous Scandinavian, and northern European families will be so occupied with their vengeance against the Refugees marauding through their streets, they will have no time to contemplate the PRO-ISRAELI MINORITY WHO HAVE HIJACKED THEIR GOVERNMENTS.

INTER-RACIAL violence on the streets of every town will become the main root cause for the total DECONSTRUCTION of the FAMILY and the main root cause for the total DECONSTRUCTION of the infrastructure which holds SOCIETY together.  And that, my friends, is the main aim of KARL MARX and it is one of the main foundations of a political plan called CULTURAL MARXISM.  Marxism is about the deconstruction of traditional values in art, music, literature, in the decency of table manners and is a policy promoted and designed by mostly Jewish intellectuals.

So, what will happens if we allow – say – 10% of the population of Africa to migrate into Europe? Africa now has 1.1 billion people. This means its population would be reduced to 990 billion people. In Europe, the population would rise by 110 million people.  Britain allowed HALF A MILLION refugees across its borders in just 12 months last year – so as we can see, over-population on the tiny British Isles is indeed part of the MULTICULTURALISM PLAN.


What would happen to Africa? The 10% of people who flee Africa would in all likelihood be the smartest ten percent of the nation. They would be the most secular oriented people, the least superstitious, the wealthiest, the best educated, the most innovative share of the population. By accepting 10% of the African population into Europe, Africa would decline – and the diamond-rich, oil-rich and gold-rich African nations will never ever have enough brain power or leadership to stop their resources from being stolen.

Chris Everard will be broadcasting a series of TV shows on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL featuring in-depth interviews with ELLA DRAPER - the mother of the Hampstead whistleblower children - tune in here
Chris Everard will be broadcasting a series of TV shows on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL featuring in-depth interviews with ELLA DRAPER – the mother of the Hampstead whistleblower children – tune in here

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  CHRIS EVERARD is a British author and film director – you can read more here



  1. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe and Agenda 21 (The Frankfurt school of EU subversion)

    It’s all part of the grand plan…..The very essence of Political Correctness ie Cultural Marxism is the support of mass immigration and open borders.
    The end goal is WHITE GENOCIDE.
    Using political correctness and common purpose they have taken over the media, education, the Church, mainstream Christianity the Law, and finance. Their goal is the annihilation of Western Civilization in general and white people in particular.”

    By destroying the middle classes they plan to re-establish a world society of Lords and serfs. This plan is being engineered, orchestrated and implemented by unaccountable, un democratic, faceless political elite of EU puppet leaders. The ethnic dilution of the British people and culture and that of the other European nations is the ultimate aim for the EU.

    This is why migrants get preferential treatment in houses and jobs over native Brits, and why we are being ordered to take more and more migrants. This is why our politicians ignore the will of the British people, it’s all a plan…how racist is that.

    Read None dare call it conspiracy by Gary Allen


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