Conspiracy & the Crown


Way back in 2006, official NAZI documents which listed the two-hundred aristocrats, Princes, Dukes and Princesses who had joined the NAZI Party of Germany came to my attention…  Some of those NAZI Party members were BRITISH members of the Royal Family in London!

CONSPIRACY & the CROWN proves that members of the British Royal Family had joined the NAZI Party, and had been instrumental in convincing the German people that the NAZI ideals of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ and the ‘Master Race’ were acceptable principles which were worth fighting for.  Both British members of Royalty and their cousins in Germany legitimized the Third Reich, funded it and helped to organise the disgusting Blitzkreig & Concentration Camps…  The CONSPIRACY & the CROWN eBook proves that the establishment of a single EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE has long been the goal of the Royal Elite and that members of the British & German Royal Households employed henchmen and killers like Hitler to create an undemocratic “European Union” which is what we have today.  CONSPIRACY & the CROWN is a 100 page digital book with Retina quality images, electronic word search and is authored by CHRIS EVERARD.



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